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K-2 Resources:
Fluency and Fitness (Free for 21 Days)-

ABCMouse-(1st Month Free/Fee after 1st month)-

Vooks- (1st Month Free/Fee after 1st month-)

Starfall Education-


Storyline Online-
3-5 Resources:
*Imagine Math-

Adventure Academy-1st Month Free/Fee after 1st month-

Storyline Online-
Non-Electronic Learning Activities
Challenge your children to build something with their Legos (Castle, roller coaster, new car design, house, etc.)

Read a book

Watch a show with Closed Caption on. This requires students to read the “story”.

Create chalk art on your sidewalks or driveway

Find and organize household items by color, shape, alphabetical order, sounds, etc.

Play outside

Go for a walk: talk about things you see outside, count how many animals you see, identify different types of rocks

Journal writing: Take a drive and write about what you see, take your journal with you on a walk and write about what you see, write about what you did during the day

Paint rocks and take a walk to hide them

Play a board game

Put together a puzzle

Have a dance party

Bake/Cook a meal together

Draw a picture